Monday, May 14, 2012

No CEL, great ride, fun economy games

Well, it has been a while since the last patch and I can thankfully confirm that the CEL has stayed distinctly OFF.  I have tried cycling between Sport and Stealth mode at various points during a drive, without provoking it at all.

The Red Carmeleon is my regular commute ride and I really look forward to the drive to and from work each day.  Fisker have done a stellar job in making the cabin a very pleasant place to be.   The ride is so quiet and smooth but the car is a distinctly capable performer.

Cornering is actually amazing.  The Karma has the poise and 'on rails' sensation that the R8 had.

While it can't compare to the R8 in terms of overall 0-60, it takes off at a nice pace, thanks to all that torque, and in Sports mode it definitely feels quick.  The other definite thing you notice is the continuous surge of power, with no gear changes punctuating the acceleration.   The R8 was not fitted with a dual clutch, so gear changes under real power were a little rough.

I really like the feel of the suspension in the Karma.  Maybe I was ready for a change from the bone rattling R8 (even when not in sports mode!).  The ride is damped enough for comfort, but you can still feel road.  I can't discern any roll, but there is a little pitch with hard braking.

One of the fun things about having an electric car with the inevitable range gauges, regenerative braking and an indicator for energy flow is that you can play little games with the indicated measures.  I'm really not a fan of all the little graphical trinkets that I've seen appearing in other EVs (green glowing balls, blooming flowers and butterflies!) to motivate you to drive economically.  However, on a regular commute you tend to get an idea of how many indicated 'electric km' it takes to do the journey - so inevitably there's a sense of how any give drive compares to the average or personal best.

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