Friday, May 4, 2012

A shining chariot

Some more pictures today, as it's Friday and for the first time in a while I'm not flying anywhere this weekend, so had a little time to catch my breath and grab a few snaps.

I still haven't had this car long enough to take those beautiful lines for granted!

In other news:
  • I've noticed that the automatic mirror folding setting seems to have reset (or at least that my mirrors aren't folding automatically!).  Perhaps this is the result of the software patching done yesterday resetting some parameter memory... or maybe the garage mechanic turned this off for some reason.  I'll investigate tomorrow.
  • I've had one more instance of the car not being set up correctly (particularly seat settings) when the accessory mode was entered on entering the vehicle.  So, I think this remains an intermittent issue.  On the occasions that this happens, it's a simple matter of cycling the ignition state (two presses of the ignition button).  
  • My timing in getting the car 'patched' with new software yesterday was evidently poor as I was told today by the dealership that there was another patch released today.  Actually, that's no problem for me as the dealership is only 10 minutes from my place of work, and I'm also told that the process only takes 20 minutes.  I'm going to try to see if the mechanics would mind me watching while they perform the update when I take the car in (hopefully Monday)... I'm curious to see that process in action. 
I'm looking forward to spending more quality time (!) with the Red Carmeleon over the weekend, and getting more familiar with some of the features - such as the navigation system.

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