Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trunk warning light, window surround chrome

Couple of new issues for this post, albeit minor.

First, I have noticed that the trunk needs a hefty bit of force to both latch it and avoid finding the trunk open light illuminated when you get back to the vehicle.  On quite a few occasions now, I have apparently closed the trunk lid (it latches, looks and stays closed), only to find the warning light on.  Another go at closing the lid invariably fixes it.

Last time I had a sedan (a Lexus GS), the trunk had a pull down latch, so there was literally zero force required to close the trunk effectively.  I'm fine with the less advanced latch, but this odd condition where the lid appears closed, but the sensor shows otherwise, will need to be watched.  It might be that the sensor is miscalibrated or aligned, or maybe the lid can latch in some safe, but not completely closed manner.  I doubt this, but I'll try to take a good look next time this happens.  Either way, the Karma (or at least my Karma) currently requires a surprising amount of lid velocity/force to get it closed and latched correctly at the moment.

I could be persuaded that this force is by design and I would adjust my habits accordingly (suspending disbelief that the amount of force could actually damage the latch or something!).  However, the closed-but-not-quite-enough condition is a bit suspicious.

Secondly, over the last weekend, while taking a few more snaps of the car, I happened to notice that the front passenger door's chrome window surround has some hairline scratches/fractures, some of which had started to bubble slightly.

Look closely and you can see fine lines/cracks running vertically along this section of the window surround
Another angle, showing the bubbles that are developing from the cracks

I think this issue is limited to this one part.  I'm not sure how such an aberration can develop, nor exactly what the material is underneath the chrome finish here.  However, I would imagine that if the material is plastic then there's a good chance that flexing the part after manufacture (such as during installation) might create the hairline cracks, which I would imagine are a precursor to the bubbling.

As far as I could tell, the issue was very localized, but I need to do a really close inspection of all the chrome pieces sometime.

I have already contacted Fisker of Vancouver, and they responded quickly.  Looks like I'll get the Karma in for them to take a proper look sometime soon.

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