Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No engine light!

while (true) {
  if (engine_flags != 0) {
    engine_flags = 0;

Was this the patch applied yesterday to my Karma?

Hopefully not, but I can report that so far it easily could have been, as there is no sign of the engine light after a regular day's driving.  I meant to hit Sport mode as soon as I started the vehicle this morning and backed out of the garage, but unfortunately I was too busy planning the day's activities and forgot about it.

Now it would be kind of cool if you could see the source code for the vehicle and do diffs on it to see what the guys change from time to time... but that's (perhaps) still in our future: the world's first open-source car platform :-)

With LTE broadband wifi now in my car, I did get to thinking that maybe overnight automatic updating of car software systems could become a reality in the not too distant future.

Crossing the Lion's Gate Bridge in the drive home from work this evening was a singular treat.
The beautiful spring sunshine and an eye full of the North Shore mountains was complimented with the amazing quiet of the Karma's cabin as you cruise along.  Compared to the R8, the bridge section joins can't be felt or heard at all as the car glides along.  I was out and about in our Acura MDX a little later, and while not an uncomfortable vehicle, even this was quite a harsh experience in comparison.  Plus, I'm already starting to find the sound of ICEs rather irritating(!).  On that quick drive in the MDX this evening I caught sight of another Karma only a few miles from my house, so there's certainly a few of these buzzing around the Vancouver area already.

Anyway, I'm travelling again tomorrow, so Red Carmeleon is tucked away in the garage for a few days.

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