Monday, May 7, 2012

Rough-edge Roundup #1

I thought I would summarize the small issues and niggles that I'm personally aware of.  I fully expect to have these dealt with over time with software patches (at least) and I intend to keep a running tally as things are fixed or new issues become apparent.  It's possible that some of these are unique to my vehicle (i.e. tolerances/configuration or parts that may need replacing), but in any case we'll see.  I'm certainly curious whether anyone else has experienced these particular problems.

At this time, I'm tracking the following issues (most to least serious):
  • Engine light illuminated
    This is allegedly caused by "multiple fault flags" (according to the last mechanic report).  When cleared, these seem to reappear when I next engage Sports mode, but perhaps anytime the ICE is primed to fire up.  The engine does start however and seems to reduce, though not entirely eliminate, battery consumption (while the battery is in the mid-range of charge) - which I believe is correct.
  • Touch screen corruption (display textures) after navigating between screens
    Looks like a memory management or corruption issue (main or display memory), where some of the graphical textures used get overwritten with random memory.  This can make screens look pretty nasty, but seems not to have any functional effect. 
  • The Solar Energy screen seems inoperable
    Mine seems to be stuck on March and there's no way to change to any day/month/year as is suggested in the manual.  I've seen on a YouTube video that someone posted that this screen doesn't work for them either.
  • The Delay Lock feature refuses to stay in the "ON" setting
    Every time I turn this on, I will find it reverted to being off when I next enter the vehicle (i.e. when the power is cycled).  Either this parameter is not being flashed into non-volatile memory correctly, or there's a logical bug in the software.
  • Intermittent failure to configure car (e.g. set seat position, radio etc.) when ignition to on/acc
    Occasionally, turning the vehicle on does not result in correct cabin set up.  This might be related to where I used to store the second key fob (possibly in range of the vehicle).  I've since moved the key and am keeping an eye on the situation.
  • Bluetooth handsfree audio quality is poor
    The system is usable, but suffers from discernible streaming errors with the received audio data piped to the cabin speakers.  No idea what the microphone pickup in the car is like.  I'm able to make myself understood on calls, but I'll have to perform some proper tests to hear for myself.

Also, I have the following wish list (no particular order):

  • I haven't found a good way to mute the music (radio, satellite, USB etc.) separate from the master volume.
    This is a problem because I often want to manually mute/turn off music but still have navigation voice cues, phone calls etc. have an appropriate volume.  There's a hokey way of doing this by selecting AUX as the source.  It seems like we're missing one soft button on the audio screen.
  • Faster touch screen (loading songs, etc.)
    Whatever embedded processor or system on a chip is running the touch screen system is pretty slow and/or the software isn't written to allow background tasks to work without affecting the user experience.  There are definitely moments when the system is busy and there's no feedback at all for the user.  Also, reading my large USB music directory can take a long while before they are accessible.  It would be nice if this could be speeded up.
  • Most songs copied from my iTunes library play fine.  Occasionally however, I find a song that refuses to play.  I have no idea what the difference is!
  • A much faster way to scroll through long lists would be good (music, contacts) etc.  Maybe buttons to jump quickly to initial letters (e.g. jump quickly to the "Ts").
  • It would be nice if the audio system would store the last track played on the USB and resume from there next time the system is started.  Instead it seems to revert to the beginning each time when playing sequentially.  That's a bit unfriendly, especially as the USB music only becomes available after compiling the directory, usually once you're a minute or so down the road and can't easily interact with the audio system.

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