Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trim replaced and more on "carpet formers"

I had to postpone the trip in to Fisker of Vancouver by a day, but today the car was in for about 40 mins having its dodgy window trim replaced and supposedly new "carpet formers".

The service was excellent as usual... friendly, professional, organized.  The trim was replaced in less than half an hour while I enjoyed coffee and breakfast pastries.

The remaining time was apparently an attempt to locate the guy responsible for the carpet formers.  Apparently what this is all about is that the initial shipment of floor mats from Fisker were all black.  I had some black ones installed on delivery of the vehicle.  However, apparently the intention was to have more colour coordinated mats and these have since been shipped from California and received at the dealership.    This was all somewhat moot today as the organizer of the mats wasn't locatable right away once the trim had been fixed, but frankly there's also the simple question as to whether I wouldn't prefer to keep the current black ones.  Black actually works quite nicely with the earth (tan) interior.  Moreover, black is probably rather better at hiding mud and stains that are par for the course with vehicle floor mats.  I suppose I'm curious as to exactly what colour mats I'm supposed to have and maybe if this was a darker colour I might like it.  However, black is far from a bad choice.

Apparently the next firmware installment (2.6?) is being readied for deployment, so it will perhaps not be too long before the next jaunt in to have another little upgrade.

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