Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still no CEL, the next Town Hall meeting

The check engine light has stayed off since the last patch, which is great.

I understand that the most likely reason for an error condition causing it to light was in fact the opening of a door while the vehicle was in its charging cycle.  This is almost certainly the cause of the light in my case, as having just received the vehicle I had all sorts of people wanting to take a look at it while it was parked and charging - not to mention my own forays into the car in order to experiment with and configure the preferences/settings.

Anyway, this is allegedly what was fixed in the last patch that was applied recently to my Karma and I have certainly had cause to enter the car while it was charging since then without seeing the return of the CEL.  So it certainly looks like that's the end of that.

In other news, I have signed up for my first Fisker Town Hall meeting (webinar) since I acquired the vehicle, so that should be interesting.  The meeting is at 1pm (PST) tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd May).  Hopefully I'll be able to listen to at least the first half before my work itinerary interrupts.  I hope they provide lots of juicy info on the continuing development of the Karma... we'll see.

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